Sunday, December 7, 2008

The unwanted branches of trees in the garden should be cut and removed. Beautiful flowers should be planted in front ofthe house, if there is space available. Dead or dried leaves should be put into a pit to get compost for plants.
The environment is the surrounding where we live. We all like to live in a beautiful environment. Hence, it should alwaysbe kept clean and beautiful.First we should take steps to keep our immediate environment clean. That is, our home and the garden should be swept daily.
The things in the home should be arranged properly and dusted. This must be maintained everyday.All the rubbish in the garden and refuse from the kitchen must be collected into one place.
If there is room in your garden, you must plant trees because when they grow they give us oxygen, shade, cool breeze and a much better surrounding to live in. Then we can enjoy a pollution-free life. The environment must be protected for the future. We must learn to live it because it is a part of our lives. I think it is our responsibility to preserve our environment forever.